the PTA.

Abréviation/ Acronym: PTA, PTO
Otherwise known as: The Parent Teacher Association, Parent Teacher Organization 

Welcome to the PTA!”, they said.
“It will be a breeze”, they said.

And then they ran.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve seen any of the old PTA board around since the switching of the board mid August.

Wait, let me start over.
I have seen a ‘few’ of the old board members…in passing.

I’ve also overheard the catty remarks on the side as to what the new board ‘should be’ doing. Funny how people mouth off on the sideline? You know on the other side of the parking lot! Hey, I’m standing two cars over from you! How about offering advice – since you’ve been there and done that!

Oh, and then there’s Ms. Zumba a.k.a. the parent with three real names (there are a few of them at the school). She approached the PTA President in the school parking lot about her concern on the upcoming Harvest festival and made the PTA president all frazzled.

Smh. Funny. Real funny. Ms. Zumba lady. Cleary you knew who and who not to approach!
No worries. We found an activity for her -Chair of Santa’s Workshop – you know – because she knows everything!

(Sorry, I went off on a tangent)

The PTA, it ain’t rosey.
They talk about you.
The same few parents and/or guardians volunteer – and how that burns me up…I never understood parents that made no effort in volunteering.
I believe my time is as important as yours. Not to mention it’s for YOUR CHILD.
Oh, but guess what? Your child really likes seeing me at the school and most of the time I know how their day went – so take that.

This PTA thing…
It’s like my normal 9 to 5. wtf.
The responsibility involved.
It’s not a breeze!

Btw, oh my gosh, Did I mention I’m PTA treasurer?
Seriously, worst position like e-v-e-r!
Balancing books for campaigns. fundraisers. spirit night. box tops
Folks don’t want to own up on what they owe (you know you owe fundraising money, stop playing and no we can’t barter)
Folks write out their checks wrong (because it’s rocket science, not)
Gimme. Gimme.  Gimmie.
When did the PTA become the Bank of America…like why do we pay all the bills?
Hey, News Flash People. Gimme got shot when the PTA board transferred over!

Oh and the Bank, the bank we bank at is Aawful – that’s double A awful! Like the school chose the bank awful. Like prehistoric banking awfulNow you know that’s just AWFUL!

And let’s not start on the School Board that expects the PTA to operate on the 5th hour as they do. That would require another post.

So now it’s January and school has started back up again.
I was afforded a partial break from my PTA duties due to the holiday – my Savior!
Back to sticks and stones
Back to writing checks, receipts and disbursements.
Back to balancing the books.
Back to planning and implementing volunteer hours.
Back to knowing ‘it won’t be a breeze’ – as they once said.

Are you on a PTA Board at your child’s school? What’s your favorite part of PTA?

2 responses to “the PTA.

  1. Lol….unfortunately yes and this sounds a lot like my current experience. Strange folks I tell you, oh and did I mention it’s a Christian School? Shoot me now lol!!

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